Rising Digits is a small consulting agency startup. We are here to help emerging small and medium businesses focused on niche markets.

Why Rising Digits?

Passionate about IT, Data, Analytics & Web, Marc-Anton Clavel decided to launch Rising Digits to support startups and small businesses into successfully finding and reaching niche markets.

As many entrepreneurs know, coming with an idea for a new business is not very hard. The issue is to evaluate if this idea is viable, profitable and scalable. At Rising Digits want to enable startups to easily launch their ideas.

Marc-Anton Clavel

Founder of Rising Digits



The niche market research dilemma

For the few bright entrepreneurs who want to launch their business in a niche market or around emerging technologies, it is hard to evaluate the potential and weight the risks. Often, market research becomes either expensive or time-consuming. As a result most to-be entrepreneurs often procrastinate their startup idea. Some more adventurous launch a less innovative idea hoping to develop something cutting-edge in the future. In the worst case, some launch their startup without any proper market research at all.

We believe this can be avoided and this is why we decided to launch Rising Digits, to support small businesses from the discovery and business plan writing phase to rising as an established company and recognized brand.

Whilst no doubt there will be countless obstacles on our journey, we are carried by this idea of helping building the successful companies of tomorrow.