Rising Digits is a small consulting agency startup focusing on how to harness the power of data and analytics. We are here to help emerging small and medium businesses to focus on niche markets. We help identify competitors and draw the competitive landscape of emerging technologies and niche sectors where startups can thrive.

The vision

What if you could get an overview of your future niche market at the click of a button? No need to invest a huge amount of money into market research. No risk in launching a startup on a gut feeling. Getting validation of an idea ASAP.
That’s the vision of Rising Digits as we provide consulting services for niche market research and emerging technologies. We plan to deliver a platform solution for niche research in the future to support this goal.

What’s next for Rising Digits?

Like our clients, we are a startup and we still have a lot to do! Please, consider to follow the founder’s Twitter account for updates regarding this website development.

You can also contact us right away and let us know how we can help you grow!

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